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[19 Oct 2010|09:32am]
I have been using an online journal since 2003. I don't update daily, or I used different sites, but nonetheless, my first journal was at crazylife, and then I moved onto Caleida. Caleida is where I spend nearly 4 years rambling about my pre-teen/teen prattle; the problems at the time were big, but I'm experiencing different issues now and my old ones don't seem to matter.

Anyways, Caleida shut down. It's been shut down for a few years I believe. It just wasn't as popular as LJ or greatestjournal, and the cost to maintain it was more than likely expensive. If LJ was New York City, Caleida was Jackson Hole, WY. Everyone knew everyone. It was small. It was comforting in a way.

It also pisses me off that I wasted those years of my life writing in a journal, so when I go back to read about how I was a huge douche, the journal site got deleted? Are you fucking serious?

Gah. Gahgahgah.

[EDIT] If you or someone you know (assuming you found this journal) used Caleida years ago, let me know, or tell them about me? I used to be xshining_starx (hate you, 13-year-old-self) and empty_promise (hate you 15 emo self).
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[24 Apr 2009|03:28am]
Gahhhh, I hate papers.

and staying up until 3 AM with only this:

"Once upon a time, in the country of the United States of America, there were government systems known as state governments, run by the state itself, and federal governments, which laid out laws for the entire country."

Yes, that is my opening sentence.
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[13 Apr 2009|02:06pm]
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[07 Apr 2009|11:58pm]
I want coffee.

I HAVE $7.20.


But I'll need that for some stoges.

I'm terrible.


I need sleeps. G'night.
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[06 Apr 2009|07:39pm]

-- 20 minutes later.


My pants are wet :(. It's ugly rain today.

Well, I haven't progressed in my comp assignment. 12 steps on how to research something? Uh, no thanks. I can do research perfectly fine.
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[05 Apr 2009|07:00pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Today, Joe, Will and Zach were supposed to come down today. But Zach got into an accident so they didn't come here at 12 like they said they would.

At 4:30, Zach calls me up and asks me for the address of the house for across the street when Tori and him come pick me up Thursday (which I found weird, and sketchy), but I went outside for a stoge, and who's car do I see in the parking lot: Joe's! Joe and Zach did come down, but Will was forced to stay home because of Julie, who thinks I'm a slut that's going to steal her boyfriend (great cousin, right?). Anyways, they were here for 2 hours, and they just left, and I didn't want them to go because we were talking about the "glory days", which is sad because we only graduated high school last year.

Now I'm watching The Office, season 3, and I think I'm gonna start my history assignments and count down the days until I go home, which is 4 but they're gonna go by so slow. Oh well, it happens :)

- I've decided to get a sub first before doing work. I'm hungry as hell.

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[04 Apr 2009|05:22pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I really miss all the bands I used to listen too. I'm listening to Her Space Holiday and I remember now why I liked them.

If only my old iPod never broke :(.

I also hate laundry rooms. And the unfinished mural on the wall of The Cat in the Hat.

I watched all Vivien Leigh movies today, as well as Clueless. I should have done my Comp research, oh well.

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[02 Apr 2009|10:29pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

There's a part of me that feels as if I should be home to handle everything that's going on. I can't stand hearing what's happening through other people, and I'm getting worried.

On the other hand, if I'm not home I can't screw this up; therefore I can't be held responsible for anything that happens.

I also hate Facebook for the sheer fact that people bug the hell out of me :/
Especially those who say hypocritical things as well as try to act like an "indie song". I hope that makes sense.

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[01 Apr 2009|01:30am]
I hate procrastinating.

I have a history paper due in 11 hours. I have insomnia right now. I don't want to go get my book. I'm too lazy.
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